Krista Thomas

Rookie (June 4 / Quitman, Texas)

Krista Thomas Poems

1. What I Love About You 11/13/2007
2. What You'Re Not 11/14/2007
3. Kolby Brooks 1/19/2008
4. Daddy 1/19/2008
5. That One Night 1/19/2008
6. I Need You 11/15/2007
7. I Love You 11/24/2007
8. Misunderstanding Between Two Fools 4/2/2008
9. A Lonely Tear 4/4/2008
10. I'D Lie 4/4/2008
11. Suicide 4/7/2008
12. Make Me Sick 4/21/2008
13. So Sick 4/25/2008
14. My God's Enough 4/28/2008
15. Porecelain Heart 4/28/2008
16. You'Re Gonna Wish 5/9/2008
17. Kiss And Smile 5/29/2008
18. Breathe Into Me 7/9/2008
19. Kolby Part Ii 12/28/2008
20. Potential Break Up 1/22/2009
21. Untitled 3/6/2009
22. Pain 1/19/2008
23. Breaking Up 11/14/2007
24. Slowly Sinking 4/3/2008
25. Forget To Breathe 4/11/2008
26. I'M Yours 4/10/2008
27. When Everybody Hates You 11/12/2007
28. Drowning In My Tears 11/26/2007
29. 'Men' 4/17/2008
30. Fake Friends 11/13/2007
31. Feelings 11/14/2007
Best Poem of Krista Thomas


There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you,
It’s a feeling I cant describe,
There’s something I feel about you,
And yet I still don’t know why.
There’s a million things I would like to say,
But I cant find the words,
Every time you’re around,
My feelings start to swerve.
I cant keep my feelings bottled up,
As much as I would like to try,
I could tell you how I feel,
But I don’t want to cry.

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Breaking Up

We started out great, but I don’t feel the same anymore,
I’m scared if we go on, both of our hearts will be sore,
One side of me is telling me to let you go, what can I say? ,
We both knew that these feelings wouldn’t last long and stay,
I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to let you go,
If only you knew how my feelings were, I would say “no”,
Say no to not loving you, I think I need some alone time,
I know you wont forgive me, but I know I’ll be fine,
We need to see other

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