Kristal Clear

Biography of Kristal Clear

Poetry is an art that allows you to express whats on your mind, the unspoken truth, and most important what you are as an individual is feeling at the current moment. Poetry to me is more than just few lines that i write/wrote/writing, its something precious. i may not be good at it but i enjoy it and it helps me i all sorts of ways.

About me? Lets just say I'm a small city girl who has big dreams and no matter what I'm going to fulfill all my dream =)

All i want to say is, just keep writing. it does not matter whether your a pro or an amateur. Updates

Ode To Loneliness

I saw you sitting alone by yourself
That morning,
You seem to be lost, confused, sad and lonely
I wanted to go up to you
And be a friend
But I was I scared of the consequences..

That was the first time
I saw you being lonely

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