Kristallpreis Smile.

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I am 16 years of age. I am a freshman at East Central High. I smoke weed and I smoke cigs and black n' milds. I drink everything but beer.[unless I wanna get drunk] I have few friends, but they are fuckin' awsome. I would like to be a model, a cheif, a photographer or a peircing artist. I plan on going to college. I am finally getting my shit straight. I fucking love meat, but I dis-like animal slaughter. I have a kitten named Muffin and I take care of my mothers dog, Blue. I live with my grandmother. I listen to basicly, everything. I watch every kind of movies. I am a fat ass but I am proud to be bigg.I am not fucking beautiful but I am not fucking ugly.The smell of death turns me on and relaxes me. I want to learn how to play bass. I am a singer, and trying to get a band started right now. Interested, hit me up. And yeah, Thats me in a fuckin' nut shell.; D Updates


To J.L.M W/ Love.<3
From 'Pinchy'

I love you, Such a typical word. Commonly miss-used.
But when I say it, I mean it. To me, It's not so typical.
Your hugs are fucking great, I never want to leave your arms.
The past is the past, and I hope you will forgive me?
You are my man, I am your girl. That'll never change.
I love your lip ring. A Shiny thing. Nondo, would count it as bling.

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