Kristen Currey

Rookie (Goldendale, Washington)

Biography of Kristen Currey

So here I am. Finally putting myself out there for all the world to see (figuratively speaking of course) . My poetry is me. I am my poetry. It's a bit of a never-ending circle. So, if you can somehow understand what I write, then you'll understand me, point blank. I've loved and I've lost, I've hurt and I've hoped. I'm not any different from anybody else, only I define my emotions through my words. Updates

Definition Of A Poet

The title of poet,
Now generally brings a chuckle,
Suppressed or no.
It conjures up an image in the mind,
An image of lonely teenagers,
Crying out in angst and exaggerated pain,
But I am here to tell you different,
I am here to show you the art of a true poet.

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