Kristen Palmitier

Rookie (08-23-1990 / Grand Rapids MI)

Biography of Kristen Palmitier

I am into a ton different things that some people do not know about just yet.. My nickname is Tiger because of my wild personality that alot of people can see where the name tiger comes into play... Updates

The Need To Be...

To fill the need to be, is a question I ask who am I in this world?
I can't pretend to be some thing that I know for a fact I am not. I will not wear a mask for others. So if they don't like what they see thats thier problem not mine. With the understanding it takes to relize of how to be. I can not play a part. There is the need to be true to myself and be allowed to make my own mistakes no matter what it takes. I am what I am and I am the need to be

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