Kristi Wilkinson

Rookie (Roy, Utah)

Kristi Wilkinson Poems

1. Alone 7/22/2007
2. Beyond That Kiss 7/22/2007
3. What If? 7/22/2007
4. I Love The Way.... 7/22/2007
5. In Your Company 7/22/2007
6. Why I Will Be Angry For A While 7/24/2007
7. Trying To Love You 7/31/2007
8. Why Only A Season 8/9/2007
9. On This Mountain 8/12/2007
10. Image Of An Angel 8/17/2007
11. First Time You Fall In Love 8/18/2007
12. My Work Day Is Over 8/18/2007
13. Seeing You To The End 9/21/2007
14. My Promise To You 9/23/2007
15. Shannon 9/24/2007
16. Always There 10/2/2007
17. Unlikey Duo 10/4/2007
18. Have I Loved You Before 10/6/2007
19. The Reason I Am Alone 12/22/2007
20. I Looked Into Your Eyes 1/13/2008
21. Don'T Give Up On Them 2/16/2008
22. Inside My Heart 3/22/2008
23. Can I Whisper 7/24/2007
24. Tell Me What You See... 8/9/2007
25. For My Sister 8/31/2007
26. Anatomy Of A Friendship 9/3/2007
27. When I Dare 9/6/2007
28. A Mother's Love 9/13/2007
29. When You So Dare 9/14/2007
30. Saw Her From Across The Room 8/29/2007
31. Don'T Blink 8/30/2007
32. Didn'T Last 8/30/2007
33. To My Brother 7/22/2007
34. Why I'M Gone 9/20/2007
35. I Call My Friend My Angel 7/24/2007
36. Fly Me Away 8/22/2007
37. A Soldiers Tale 8/22/2007
38. Used Heart For Sale 7/26/2007

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Best Poem of Kristi Wilkinson

Used Heart For Sale

There is an organ
That keeps you alive,
It enables us to
Play, laugh, and cry.

It pounds when we run,
Sighs when we fall in love,
Breaks when we get hurt,
We’ve had it since birth.

We need it to live,
Though we give it
Away on a whim.
Then when it breaks,
We wonder why we
Gave it away in the first place.

Some are bigger than others
Never intentionally hurting another.
But others can be cruel
And not caring a bit,
It makes you wonder,
Where in life do I fit?

Though they say they would never hurt you
The ...

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What If?

What if I told you...
'All my thoughts are with you'
Would you love me even more?

What if I told you...
'You mean the world to me'
Would it only be me that you adore?

What if I told you...

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