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I am 17 and wrote a few poems when I 14. But now I've started writting again. I really enjoy writting poetry and reading other people's poems. I find it is kind of like an outlet to write them, things that mean something to me or just ideas which wonder through my mind. Then being able to put them into words and share them with people.

I love to laugh and believe that the simple things in life are often taken for granted. I believe looks get you through the door, but personailty is what keeps you in the room. Don't have regrets and see all experiences good and bad as a learning curve, they make you stronger. Focus on the positive side of things, the negative will only drag you down. May happiness find you in every aspect of your life :)

Kristi xoxo

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Haven't published any haha Updates

I Believe In You

Don't let their words get you down
they will only make you frown
So darling
keep on smiling

I know you'll get far
thats just the kind of person you are
Never stop dreaming
even when people can be deceiving

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