Kristie Isaak

Biography of Kristie Isaak

hi my name is kristie
i'm a sophomore in high school
i love all my friends
i'm friends with mostly all of my class except this one chick that thinks shes everything but she's not even close haha.
i'm not saying that i'm eveything cuz i know i'm not..haha! ! but at least i'm not like her cuz i mean seriously if i was like her someone just better kill me now cuz i dunno how anyone would want to smell and look like her eww... thats just not even right Updates

Watch Me Now

heart punding
my stomach is taking the pain
my eyes wont blink
cuz itll just take me away
nightmares of u and me
why did i let it be?
my heart wants to take me away to some nice warm place
but my mind cant take this pressure
im cracking like a vein

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