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1. I Thought Wrong 5/13/2006
2. I'M Wishing 4/27/2007
3. Guilt 12/4/2007
4. Special! 3 5/1/2008
5. ... 5/8/2008
6. Your Right To Me 5/13/2006
7. Until 5/17/2006
8. You And I 5/13/2006
9. Your In My Head An It Wont Get Out 5/13/2006
10. I'M Incomplete 5/13/2006
11. I Want You 5/13/2006
12. I'M Miunderstood 5/12/2006
13. Teenager 5/12/2006
14. Love 5/1/2008
15. This Is Me 5/14/2006
16. Me And You 5/13/2006
17. In Me Head 5/13/2006
18. I Hate The Way 5/14/2006
19. Life 5/13/2006
20. Everytime 7/9/2007
21. See The Difference In Me 5/12/2006
22. Loving You 1/2/2007

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Loving You

Loving you is wonderful
Loving you is waiting under the stars for you
Loving your personalitiy is talking to you everynite
Loving you is understanding you.
Loving you means not trying to hurt you
Loving you is not being a tease around you
Loving you is saying it a thousands times.

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I Hate The Way

I hate my mom
i hate the way she doesn't call
i hate the way he act like i'm not here child
At least my dad is there for me.
I hate the way she thows me away like i don't belong
But hey i act the parent and call you
o grow up and tart acting like a adult.
So i guess you got your wish goodbye see you heaven 'adios'

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