Kristina Bowman

Rookie (5/4/92 / Phoenixville)

Biography of Kristina Bowman

As a young girl I wasn't much into reading or writing. I was very outgoing and wanted to be outside. As I got to elementary school and parts of middle school, I started writing poems, most very depressing due to many issues in my life. Most of my poems deal with my love life, and things that are currently going on. I'm In high school my poems never changed, my mood and self esteem remained down, poetry the only way to keep my self sane. Updates

My Life

My life was ruined by one mistake
From that point on my life was fake
Here and there there were a few real smiles
Still feeling as if i want to run for miles
Only for 3 months later I fell in love
my life took flight, my heart a dove
He's an amazing guy
That can make me smile
He takes my mind to the sky

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