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For me writting is my passion, writting is something that i have loved all of my life and it is such a beautiful thing. When i write it expresses me and what i am going through or simply thoughts that i am thinking about. I write on all of my emotions and most of my poems are written when i am upset or mad and sad. Then you have the happy and lovey ones some of my favorites. Writting is one of the things that matter most to me in my life and i take it very seriously, please read and comment. Updates


I cry
I hurt, it sucks to be me.
Wonderful at nothing, fabulous at runing things, and well dont think for one second that you can tell me to that everything will be ok because, how do you know how i feel? Are you me? Do you see what i have seen? Do you go through what i go through? Do you cry at night in hopes of looking in the mirror and seeing a better sight?
do you feel that you are stupid and pitiful and not worth anything? Do people hate you? especially your mom? are you unworthy? are

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