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KrIsTiNa CoTTo Poems

1. A Smile Today 8/20/2012
2. Just A Poem 8/20/2012
3. Instead Of Killing Me You Slowly Killed Your Self 8/20/2012
4. The Decision 8/20/2012
5. Brutal Reality 8/20/2012
6. Your Face 8/20/2012
7. My Ear Hurts 8/20/2012
8. She Needed Help 8/20/2012
9. Today I Feel 8/22/2012
10. Love 8/22/2012
11. There Love 8/22/2012
12. The Water Is My Fear 8/22/2012
13. Death Please 8/22/2012
14. Weirdo 8/22/2012
15. Dead Soul 8/22/2012
16. No Tears Just Cheers 8/22/2012
17. Alone 8/19/2012
18. The Heart 8/19/2012
19. Mother 8/19/2012
20. Blank Face 8/19/2012
21. Life In My Eyes 8/19/2012
22. Fate Was In Its Own Hands 11/6/2012
23. The One 12/19/2012
24. This Is Me 1/3/2013
25. The First Time. 1/4/2013
26. Turned Around 4/29/2013
27. Im Better Off 5/16/2013
28. Selfishly Hurting You 4/29/2013
29. Battling 11/8/2012
30. It Was You 8/20/2012
31. Another Love Poem 11/7/2012
32. Paper 8/19/2012
33. Me 8/19/2012
34. 10 Times As Worse 8/21/2012
35. Never 8/24/2012
36. The Night Is Done 8/23/2012
37. Uncontrollable 11/6/2012
38. What Have I Done 12/7/2012

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Never hearing your voice but just absouelty knowing it is the sweetest.
Never feeling your touch but knowing it is the most gentle out there.
Never taking a long gaze into your eyes but just knowing I cood get lost in them forever.
Never holded your hand but knowing mine fits perfect in between yours
Never kissing your lips but knowing they are silky and creamy.
Never held a heart but with yours id put it on a shelf and praise it
Never felt the butterflies but knowing they wood flutter a life time
Never fell in love but knowing with you id fall in love forever.

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Lonely in the night as well as the day.
Lots of pain no time to take it away. no one to talk to
no one to see, all alone it is just me.
no smile, no laugh, no glow, no shine. i feel sad,
left out, neglected of your attention. i have no one, not even me.
No one gets me no one understands, wanting to scream but knowing that no one will hear. Its like im in a room full of people that just see right through me. Im tired of all day being by my self, isnt there someone here? here for me?

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