Kristina Louisa Carr

Rookie (Born: Cape Town, South Africa)

Biography of Kristina Louisa Carr

Kristina Louisa Carr poet

Kristina Louisa Carr with a selection of her poems - some have been published by magazines and college papers. She is a psychology graduate from the University of Central Florida and resides currently on the East Coast with her two dogs.

Kristina’s writings reflect her personal worldviews and experiences enriched with fiction and include a lively collection of mostly narrative poetry that focuses on love, death and life. She has been influenced largly by her travels and upbringing. Updates


The palm of my hand is empty but I still hold on
Your voice just an imagination and long gone
The smile I love haunts my every dream
But loneliness is my companion per diem

A love lost as it had been previously found
No longer an option and all hope has drowned
I want to evaporate like a raindropp in the sun
And with thoughts of you I become undone

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