Kristina Louisa Carr

Rookie (Born: Cape Town, South Africa)

Kristina Louisa Carr Poems

81. Hold Me Over 5/28/2011
82. Hiding The Edge 7/24/2011
83. Freedom 7/25/2011
84. Time Of The Oak 7/26/2011
85. Threads Of Passion 7/29/2011
86. Urban Disappointment 7/29/2011
87. Tattoos 8/1/2011
88. An Argument Forgotten 8/2/2011
89. Off Days 6/14/2011
90. Passions Ablaze 6/16/2011
91. Caught 8/7/2011
92. Mourning (To My Mother) 8/7/2011
93. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 6/16/2011
94. Sadness 7/6/2011
95. Thank You 5/5/2011
96. Black Flag 5/4/2011
97. Blood On The Moon 8/6/2011
98. Sunny Days 8/3/2011
99. Forces Of Nature 5/10/2011
100. Hope Of A Parallel Universe 5/26/2011
101. Amsterdam At Night 6/12/2011
102. Lies 7/9/2011
103. Black Night In The City 8/6/2011
104. Breakthrough 5/9/2011
105. Atonement 5/20/2011
106. Before Dark 5/7/2011
107. Winter To Summer (In Florida) 5/6/2014

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Winter To Summer (In Florida)

Brown gives way to green over green to turn brown again
Stuffy rooms with thick air breathe freely just for a moment
Until the humming sound of the air conditioning suffocates
The lazy days monopolized by grey clouds over the river
We start running to greet summer jumping briskly over spring

From the dark corners of long shadows hidden whispers
Shortening the time of stalled excitement ready to run
Outside in shorts and flip flops to welcome a new summer
For now fresh and green, loved and pampered until
It overstays its welcome becoming stifling and stagnant ...

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The palm of my hand is empty but I still hold on
Your voice just an imagination and long gone
The smile I love haunts my every dream
But loneliness is my companion per diem

A love lost as it had been previously found
No longer an option and all hope has drowned
I want to evaporate like a raindropp in the sun
And with thoughts of you I become undone

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