Kristinahh KIMBER

Rookie (June7th/92* / T.DOT)

Kristinahh KIMBER Poems

41. The Only Golden Fairy 1/6/2008
42. The Rain 1/6/2008
43. War 1/6/2008
44. Trapease 8/17/2009
45. Spider 8/23/2009
46. Love And War 3/19/2007
47. And When Time Dies 3/23/2007
48. Midnight 1/6/2008
49. Born To Love 3/15/2007
50. Broken Fri End Ship 2/3/2007
51. A Little Thing Called Magic 2/3/2007
52. Happily Ever After 2/4/2007
53. A Single Red Rose 2/3/2007
Best Poem of Kristinahh KIMBER

A Single Red Rose

Staring at a single read rose, so much beauty
not as much to be wasted on someone as beautiful
each thorn a reminder, love can hurt
but each detailed petal a bounty of great beauty
take this rose
from my beloved fingers
never cover the red
for the beauty will then be hidden
from the world at which it came
never hide your beauty
for each day should it be shared with the world
prooving each rose
has the beauty of your smile
this single red, red rose
my single loving heart
take it as a token
of the love
we will forever share

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While On Lifes Roads

On the day that you enter this world i call mine
your heart will be set with happiness divine
this small little clutch on the beauty of life
will be your first journey a small victom of strife

youll begin to walk on the road no one takes
alone in the dark it just sits as you shake
and nothing but darkness will enter your eyes
untill small villians of so called love do arise

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