Kristy Artmann

Rookie (March 12,1982 ~ / McComb, MS)

Biography of Kristy Artmann

Kristy Artmann poet

I write what I feel at the particular moment of jotting things down. I don't know the professional styles to forming feelings just pour onto paper. I enjoy reading and writing poetry. Updates


My heart is scarred, broken, bound emotionally from his games.
Feelings could never be the same as in the beginning; it’s much too late for them to ever return. It’s just too late for things to change.

I don’t want them to rekindle; they were artificial afterall due to his true intentions and actions and behavior towards my love.
I’ll never feel the same but other loves will come my way and each love will differ I know this now.

I’m not going to settle for less than I deserve; doing s

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