Kristy Artmann

Rookie (March 12,1982 ~ / McComb, MS)

Kristy Artmann Poems

41. The Grasshopper 9/29/2007
42. My Fault? 9/29/2007
43. Closure 10/16/2007
44. Love Anew 10/26/2007
45. Questions 11/1/2007
46. Closer To Me Still 11/1/2007
47. A Desertion Welcomed 11/1/2007
48. Your Love 11/15/2007
49. A Trivial Exertion 11/26/2007
50. True Soulmate 6/2/2011
51. Pictures 6/2/2011
52. Familiars In Disguise 6/2/2011
53. Love 9/22/2007
54. Friends 9/22/2007
55. Enemies 9/22/2007
56. One Day 9/22/2007
57. The Perfect Man 8/11/2008
58. What Love Is And What Love Isn'T 2/7/2008
59. Disappointed In Myself…. 1/20/2008
60. Hello Sunshine..... 9/22/2007
61. Soul Searching 9/22/2007
62. Z-A Lavish Vile Experimentation (What I Was To Him…) 12/2/2007
63. Bad Timing 1/20/2008
64. Truth 2/28/2008
65. Morning Tranquility 3/3/2008
66. Arcanum: Secrets Untold 3/6/2008
67. Penetrance Of Obviousness 6/17/2013
68. To The Ex-Squad 9/22/2007
69. Cynical 4/21/2008
70. A Dream 1/25/2008
71. Scars 1/2/2008
72. I Love You Because….. 2/8/2008

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Best Poem of Kristy Artmann

I Love You Because…..

I love you simple because you’re you….
My days with you are never blue….
You’re kind, gentle, loving, giving….
You’re warm hearted, hardworking, and caring…
You make me feel good as a person…
My face has a permanent smile on it when you’re around…..

You’ve shown me what love truly is….
You make me feel special, loved, and important….
You make me laugh on the inside as well as the outside…
You want the same things out of life….
You like closeness as much as I do….

You’re everything I want in a man….
You’re one of few, you’re a real man….
You’re a ...

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My heart is scarred, broken, bound emotionally from his games.
Feelings could never be the same as in the beginning; it’s much too late for them to ever return. It’s just too late for things to change.

I don’t want them to rekindle; they were artificial afterall due to his true intentions and actions and behavior towards my love.
I’ll never feel the same but other loves will come my way and each love will differ I know this now.

I’m not going to settle for less than I deserve; doing s

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