Kristy Holtum

Rookie (05 July 1978 / Australia)

Biography of Kristy Holtum

I am an Aussie girl, I grew up in a small town that grew into a city as I grew up... from a very young age I could read novels, reading all the Enid Blyton books before I was a teenager.. I never read much poetry, I was more influenced by music having an appreciation for lyrics at a young age.. Influences have been John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, John Farnham and Delta Goodrem.I find my self reading more lyrics than poems... Up until I was 15 I had no idea where writting came from, it was something no one else in my family did. Until I met my Aunty, she noticed I had a gift for writting like her and my cousin who writes songs.. I wrote alot as a teenager and only showed few people... It wasn't until this year I shared my poetry with people on the internet and got such wonderful comments that I started to write again.
I do hope one day some of my writtings will be songs, but for now I'm happy to let the words flow and share them with everyone.. Updates

Kookaburra Laughing

Have you woken in the early morn
to sweet sound of a kookaburra
laughing at the light of dawn
As the roos bound across the land
ever so swiftly
nights creatures scurry home so quickly
as though they're on command
Wombats snuggle in their burrowed beds
Koala's climb to the tops of gum trees

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