Kriztan Rei Palces

Kriztan Rei Palces Poems

1. The One Not Sent 8/10/2013
2. We Are The Force That Moves You 8/10/2013
3. The Masquerade Has Ended 8/10/2013
4. Cry Havoc 8/10/2013
5. At The Library 8/10/2013
6. Seven Mortal Sins 8/10/2013
7. One Imaginary Day 8/10/2013
8. When The World Shuts Them Up, They Draw. 8/10/2013
9. The Playwright Has Gone Mad 8/10/2013
10. Femme Fatale 8/10/2013
11. My Week Begins On Tuesday And Ends On Sadderday. 8/10/2013
12. Hymn To Thanatos 8/10/2013
13. Fridates 8/10/2013
14. Blind Date 8/10/2013
15. His Hurt Locker 8/10/2013
16. Sinner's Vow 8/10/2013
17. A Failed Request To Ish 8/10/2013
18. 2l8 8/10/2013
19. A Hundred Lives To Live 8/10/2013
20. Toothache 8/10/2013
21. A Suicide Note 8/10/2013
22. The Poor Man 8/10/2013
23. Game On 8/10/2013
24. Clockwork 8/10/2013
25. The Bard 8/10/2013
26. City Of The Moon 8/10/2013
27. The Alternate Ending 8/10/2013
28. Ode To Mr. Ledger 8/10/2013
29. Icarus 8/10/2013
30. April 1 8/10/2013
31. Russian Roulette 8/10/2013

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Best Poem of Kriztan Rei Palces

Russian Roulette

I have a confession that needs to be done
Loaded five bullets in my revolver gun
So I set up a plan and think it through
I don’t plan to die by a single G.S.W.

I’m trying to show you all of my feats.
I spun the gun’s cylinder and took a seat
Then we go to where my confession lurks
Five bullets, six chambers… that’s how it works

I held your hands and everything got serious
I raised the gun to my temple, and I grew delirious
I looked into your eyes and I start to stutter
I shivered as my thumb pulls back the hammer

You smirked at me and said, ...

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Blind Date

First dates are the most exciting
With all the flowers and all the smiling
Where expectations fill the air
The masquerade starts in there

They stared at each other oozing with awe
Doing their best to hide their flaw
Then it begins with the word “hi”
And may end in a long dead sigh

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