krystal vincent

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even when the sun goes down you still got the moon and the stars... to light the way.. its never to late...have a imagination..dream again.. dream big! ! !

oppurtinities are around the corner...pursue them.. dont miss them.

from a very young age: i couldnt always express myself out loud...i was always told to be quiet growing up... now im 21 years old and on my own and i express myself and use my voice and words to do it. all those words i didnt get to say when i was little... and that i learn on a continual bases and revelations that i get.... bubble to the surfice i write them down. here in these peoms u will find truth and depth... u will find sorrow and joy you will find real life of a girl
this girl is me

krystal vincent's Works:

i haven't got any published books yet but am planning on publishing pretty soon. Updates

Moving! ! !

Moving here,
Moving there,
Moving around and everywhere,
Losing people that care along the way with their hello and goodbye stares.
no hugs goodbye
no kisses to plant
not even a tears upon anyones cheeks.
No one to tell me im unique or special in anyway.
I just want some stability and a place to stay.

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