Krystal Vonk

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Biography of Krystal Vonk

I am a product of a two beautiful teenage souls that were lost, cofused & alone. A rebellious teen with a bite harder then any bark she'd ever speak, cocky & confident with a anger burning deep with in her soul, never backing down she knocked out any one standinf in her way, a raging beauty the hottest bitch no body would ever truly get to see, that is the woman that gave birth to me at the unready age of only 17. Fate never makes mistakes... this beautiful spitfire was purposely placed to cross paths with the person who was too young to be the man he was forced to be, taking on the role of both parents for him and his siblings, doing the best he could to provide with no one but himself to rely on, blessed with a loving big heart he cared more then anyone else would, lost in the world alone to face the world full of anger and pain, this man with had such a rare tender caring heart was the man that God placed on this earth to become one with the firey beauty and together they created me... I was the product of a young couples passion that was so real and raw and pure, the fate that came from the flame created by the spark of two souls mates! ! ! Updates

2, Two, Too...

222, Wish I kew, Blue is the klue, But where's the other shoe, Fooled again by april, Blame it on a scape goats, Do or I'll make ya, Tick ran away from Tock, Now the hands are missing from the clock, Time officially stops and minutes are have all forgot and blamed it on the second set of seconds, who are busy smoking rocks, knock knock, who's there

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