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Krystal Vonk Quotes

  • ''Me... undefined, underestimated, underachieving, mislead, misread, and yes the Best... continue to test, explore, and achieve... searching for the person in side myself named Me... helping, criticizing, understanding, realizing, fighting, guiding, all while flying through thick clouds hiding from the self that seeks the truth to unlock the face inside this cage, afraid to belive, preferably ditzy its just easier for me not to see, hate the fake that waits inside the crowds of illusions, numbing the confusion with each hit, for the moment side tracked ill forget, stay high never fall down never comes, spun throughout the webs of the twisted minds spinning pipes... and yet still just the surface of Me.... I think...''
    My best description on the person I see as Me...
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2, Two, Too...

222, Wish I kew, Blue is the klue, But where's the other shoe, Fooled again by april, Blame it on a scape goats, Do or I'll make ya, Tick ran away from Tock, Now the hands are missing from the clock, Time officially stops and minutes are have all forgot and blamed it on the second set of seconds, who are busy smoking rocks, knock knock, who's there

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