Krystle Gallegos

Rookie [Krystle GallegosDeleon] (October 14,1987- / San Antonio, TX)

Biography of Krystle Gallegos

An aspiring writer since age 12, with many poems published through the International Poets Society, she is currently working on her highly anticipated novel, My Cross To Bear. She is engaged to the love of her life of 2 years, David, and plans to be married in Fall 2013. A part time Zumba instructor, she also dedicates her free time to helping stray dogs in any way she can.

Krystle Gallegos's Works:

My Cross To Bear (Spring 2013) Updates


Those beautiful eyes meet mine and I'm frozen in time.
That big strong smile warms my heart.
I do not love him but he keeps me sane.
He's not my love but I can't forget him.
After I hurt him so badly I felt remorse for what I did.
But it went beyond pity, sympathy or regret.
I finally saw the man that genuinely felt for me
Unconditionally with no strings attached.
If it wasn't for Anthony, I'd give Jon a try.

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