Kuji soliman

Rookie (1997 / cairo/egypt)

Biography of Kuji soliman

I was born in Cairo, Egypt.
My character: I have a strong pesonality, I get oftenly depressed, I can be sometimes unfriendly and a show off, but i have great friends to tell me when i go wrong...I still cannot controll my temper, and some may say I am a very bad person...But i don't know what pepole think of me, because it is none of my concern...But if I realy am a bad person, i like that pepole say it to me directly and i don't like gossip, i think it's stupid...I don't like violence because i don't beleive in such behaviour...But i do beleive in self defence...

My hobbies: i like to listen to music, I like to write poems, and i like to play the violin, and i am teaching my self how to play the piano but it's not easy, i love to sing but unfortunatly i don't have a nice voice...I like to paint and draw, but in my point of view, i don't do it well eather, though my friends say i'm talented but i beleive not...

What i hate: I hate gossip, I hate writting 'I' instead of 'i' because i don't think i(me) am so special to write 'I' with capital, i'd rather prefere to write: 'You' with capital, I hate liers, and most of all...I hate that i hate so many things! !

The languages that i can speak: English, french, arabic(but not very well, because i am half egyptian and half portuguese) i can also speak portuguese(but not very well) a little bit of spanish, and i am trying to learn german and italian, and i hope i could speak chinese one day! !

What i hope to be when i grow up:
I want to be a violinist, or a french teacher because i love kids and babies, or i could be an archeologist!
Or a singer one day but i know that's never gonna happen! ! but i like to keep my hopes up!

After all what you've read you have millions of reasons to hate me, but i am also a good person in my point of view(and i dont deny that i have a dark side in me)

I hope you all like my poems and enjoy them aswell,
and invite me to read Your poems, so i could enjoy them too...
Thankyou for reading my biography
kuji soliman

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*my Love*

my love left me so sad...
now i feel very bad...
i have such a good life, i should be glad...
but somehow, i am verry mad...

my love...are you here?
if you are not, are you near?
at least to see your smile so mire...

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