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41. The Invasion Of 'u's And 'ur's... 1/3/2016
42. Non Grata- 1/7/2016
43. ' Nosy ' 1/15/2016
44. The Cu(S) P Of Success 1/15/2016
45. Ide'e Fixe 1/18/2016
46. A Plebeian's Infraction 1/21/2016
47. At-Traction 1/28/2016
48. All-Weather Man 2/7/2016
49. A Hinterlander's Sensibilities 2/24/2016
50. A Preacher's Avowal 4/3/2016
51. Bow Powwow! 4/6/2016
52. Speed Thrills! 4/6/2016

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Munawar, The Bard

How could poesy thrive
in the womb
of a piece of tanned, smelly hide?
It's an avowed secret-
one might admit,
albeit grudgingly- -
of the plier's trade- -
The cobbler's bone-hard, yet,
nimble fingers
are seen chiseling away,
with alacrity- -
pausing, occasionally,
to wipe the sweat-drops
off his eye brow- ,
While, privately,
his mind, fondly, recalls
the euphoric moment
he had- -
many seasons ago- -
in the precincts of the town's tannery- -
Under the scorching heat
of its furnace, ...

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An Empyrean Plot

'They' had promised no grown-ups for company- - for keeps.
But grown-ups patiently snitch dreams as he seraphically sleeps
Alongside his percipient pal who simply refuses to grow up,
Essaying, enigmatically, the ebullient conduct of an adoring pup!

The heavens'-sent escort was also a determined dude- -
Having plotted the path to implement his mandate- -
fetching, en-route, to the infantile mind a fairy- land interlude,

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