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Kumaara Sukeja Poems

41. Mountain Man- The Mission Impossible 8/5/2015
42. Segmented: 8/9/2015
43. An Empyrean Plot 8/12/2015
44. Outpourings 8/14/2015
45. A Bohemian From Bangalore 8/20/2015
46. The Good Samaritan 8/24/2015
47. The Divine Dictum 8/30/2015
48. The Canon Of Cohabitation 9/2/2015
49. Moringa.The Marvel...A Roseate Sonnet 9/7/2015
50. Mosquito-Magic... A Roseate Sonnet 9/11/2015
51. Ban Ban 9/14/2015
52. The Tree 8/16/2015
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The Tree


No poet, it is said, can craft in perfect verse
By endeavoring, a poem as lovely as a tree
For his attempts, the blessed tree is none the worse-
It can simply augment its own beauty for free!
In care, minding its charm is not a curse!

But our pugnacious poet is a selfie- styled bard- -
Success is ever ensured only by trying hard...
So, he permutated and juggled around the word;
Rotated, rolled over in combinations literally unheard
For, he was convinced he was the muse's favorite ward!

The munificent ...

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For the socially-segmented snobs

who revel in MOCKERY and SPITE,
The word, ATONEMENT, understandably, gives them, always, a FRIGHT-

For, they are the avowed torch- bearers of the cult of evil-
in DEEDS and in SPIRIT;
not aware that they are a bunch of

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