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41. Mountain Man- The Mission Impossible 8/5/2015
42. Segmented: 8/9/2015
43. An Empyrean Plot 8/12/2015
44. Outpourings 8/14/2015
45. A Bohemian From Bangalore 8/20/2015
46. The Good Samaritan 8/24/2015
47. The Divine Dictum 8/30/2015
48. The Canon Of Cohabitation 9/2/2015
49. Moringa.The Marvel...A Roseate Sonnet 9/7/2015
50. Mosquito-Magic... A Roseate Sonnet 9/11/2015
51. Ban Ban 9/14/2015
52. The Tree 8/16/2015

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The Tree


No poet, it is said, can craft in perfect verse
By endeavoring, a poem as lovely as a tree
For his attempts, the blessed tree is none the worse-
It can simply augment its own beauty for free!
In care, minding its charm is not a curse!

But our pugnacious poet is a selfie- styled bard- -
Success is ever ensured only by trying hard...
So, he permutated and juggled around the word;
Rotated, rolled over in combinations literally unheard
For, he was convinced he was the muse's favorite ward!

The munificent ...

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I see an ebony-coated elephant sheltering a rain-soaked rabbit under its gentle girth- -
Is it fair, I wonder, to encapsulate empathy in whimsical sizes?
I, also, see a lonely child wandering at the city-edge, lost in its own dreamy world...
While all around him, flows tears in daily streams.
Meanwhile, the diffident Sun peeks in from amidst the foreboding clouds, as though, seeking to dart in a ray of cheer!
On his disappearance, the wan moon sneaks in cynically from behind the motley, a

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