Kumar Kumar

Biography of Kumar Kumar

Every heart is a book in which hundreds of chapters are written from the time of birth to death.While many go unread, few chapters leave lasting impression of a person in someone's soul for after all we all are bonded by love and separated by love.

'When i think of the distance in miles, i feel you are staying pretty far apart...When i look into the skies and think, you and i live beneath the same sky, then you come more closer to my heart'...

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Don'T Ask Why! ! !

Every night when ever i look into the skies,
only your face seems to appear on each star,
though you live in every corner of my heart,
i don't understand why do i feel you are far.

This feeling i have for you is not something new
I have been living like this for many years now,
by loving you, i lost many things and gained few,
i really want to forget you, but i don't know how.

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