Kumarmani Mahakul

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Kumarmani Mahakul Quotes

  • ''Emotion brings moonshine, which is just like bubble of water. It may bring agony, commotion and entrapment. So it is better to be rational then to be emotional."''
    Emotion and rational life
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  • ''In a road we must fetch down and up. In our life journey we have to face pain and happiness. It is the natural law we should not be worried.''
    Life journey
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  • ''Air pollution is caused by smoke from vehicles and factories. Mind is polluted by evil thoughts and speaking lie. Avoid these.''
    Pollution and mind
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  • ''Throw the ball over your head straight to sky and see what is happening. It falls up on your head. So think before trouble to others.''
    Action reaction
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  • ''Light passes through pellucid thinks in straight line. So also truth passes through pure hearted person directly.''
    Truth in Purity
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  • ''Beloved child peeps on the thigh of the mother. She does not cut it off. She does wash it only. God washes our sins. He does not punish us. We reap fruits as per our actions.''
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  • ''Unpleasant true discourse may bring sharp reaction to a person. But its outcome is sweeter than nectar.''
    Sweet truth
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  • ''All types of vices are the root causes of destruction. Be cautious. Three, 'W' words like, ‘warmth, weal and wile', may bring peace. Take care of these.''
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  • ''Sword remains in scabbard. When it comes out it may slay down a head but cannot win a heart. Integrity and love remain in heart of human that may win the world.''
    love wins
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  • ''We cry, you laugh. We laugh, you cry. We go, you come. We come, you go. But both we have birth and death. Let's offer prayer to God to follow right path.''
    Following right path
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Best Poem of Kumarmani Mahakul

Life Has A Meaning

We think forever for salvation,
We cannot live in separation.
Father is great solves situation,
Continuous is human migration.

While we come we see garden,
Man becomes here its warden.
We cannot escape from work,
We have to walk in row of murk.

Life has its own meaning here,
We have to live in time in cheer.
Fear we do not we think again,
In joy and grief we do remain.

Pain we wash with water nice,
Here we read book we see thrice.
Ice melts by getting sun rays sure,
By his wisdom we become pure.

Nature is such beautiful ...

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Dancing Day

In wheel of time dances the day
Who moves around who can say?
Who knows? Why does day dance?
Some may know secret by chance.

Why a day is created? In Far East,
There sun rises, in middle lap of mist.
Child day grows in to burning noon
Becoming old goes away in West soon.

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