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The Other Guy

A casual walk from nowhere
Into someone’s life can set the world right
Or it can demean every emotion
Set notions or add to commotion

When I Met You...

I have walked paths that were unwalked
Hid all the emotions that popped me into blue
Closer I came to you farther I went from me
A break from the riddles and dilemmas that surrounded me


Never too much never too little
Drifting on this ground with the fog and the morning chirps
With mouth open and arms making way out of bewilderment
Eyes seeing through reasons and rejecting them

Almost Honest

I was almost honest to her
No notions no deceptions of winter
She like a feather perched on my sunny side
I looked for reasons not to disguise

Disagreement Inside

There have been times
Oozing out of the brain
Heavenly drops of spirits drooping healthy me
Pointing in unexplored directions tonight

Here Comes December..

Here comes December
There goes sun
Snow comes undone
Echoing on my roof

The Nothing Man

He didn’t fly in the wind
Nor was a soldier fighting for wins
He had appetite for nothingness
Forgetting to forget everything said.

A Close Encounter

Rushing in Rushing Out
Lovers like fools
Giving happiness a chance
Some lies look beautiful in pictures and who wouldn’t dance

A Liar's Words

A liar is a Satan’s angel
No wings, he believes in spreading joy
Lacks perspective perpetually criticized
Mostly loved for his portrayal of reality

Achievements Of A Sadist

As he walked down the aisle of life
Accompanied by a deaf, mute and blind companion by his side
Its a story of a different love
A strange relationship of hand and glove