Kurt Kacich Poems

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The Mourning Palace (Auschwitz Is Real)

The palace of mourning, the place to meets death’s end,
The place, where you wish the nightmare was pretend,
Innocent families fallen victims of the crime called genocide,
Home of the black suited demons committing crimes of homicide,

Haunted Forest

Beyond the path howling can be heard in the wind,
Down the path, lies the darkness, the forest of sin,
Hovered by tree tops, and barks with horrifying grins,
The haunted forest, where no one should dare go in,

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus home to many Gods that ruled the Earth,
The highest mountain of Greece, that represented power and mirth,
Home of Zeus the youngest son of Cronus and Rhea, the King of Gods,
The all powerful ruler of the skies retaining power from the lightning rod,


Loneliness, deadlier than the seven sins,
fear, the avoidance of reality within,
Love, the feeling humanity will never reach,
Three cornerstones forever more I seek,

Chicago Fire

On October 8th at 9 pm a fire flared from O’Leary’s farm,
In the city of Chicago, fires from hell raged at 9: 40 am when someone pulled the alarm,
Firefighters were sent out to the left when the fires flared to the right,
One flame caught onto another where screams were heard from fright,

Black Magic

The candle lights flicker in the slow breeze,
But only in the shadows past the gates is all I can see,

The negative energy flows at it’s low vibrant rates,

Faded Memories (Window Reflection)

I remember looking outside through my window,
It was when I looked I was distracted by my reflection,
Reflection of self, memories of my life in recollection,
I remember the kind words of other’s and their arms around me in affection,

Beauty In Darkness

In nights existence I live in distorted felicity,
Where I can spread my wings and be free,
In an isolated realm where sunlight halts glee,
The creature of the night, I spread my wings and become free,

Big Bang Theory (Portrait Of Paradise)

Was the world existant in what is it today?
Is it true that the planets in the galaxy were all once stars in array?
I firmly believe that the Gods were artists that created everything
I believe Gods created the blueprint up in heaven to create the ideal dream,

Personal Demons

The phenonmon of rage,
The feeling of a demon locked inside the cage,
The steel cage surrounding all sides inside the gun of a 12 guage,
Ready to explode, with the fire burning fiercly on the wick,