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961. My Emptiness Whole 9/2/2016
962. No Words Left 7/16/2016
963. Last Drop 7/1/2016
964. Master Of It All 6/8/2016
965. Underwriting Delight 6/5/2016
966. New Millenniums Curse 3/12/2016
967. John's Ode 3/15/2016
968. What Only The Heart Can Feel 3/15/2016
969. A Waterfall Unheard 4/23/2015
970. Until Daylight's Retreat 2/24/2016
971. Where 12/14/2015
972. Running 8/28/2015
973. To Change One Word 2/17/2016
974. The Seasons Uncouple 7/2/2016
975. Future & Past 7/25/2016
976. Opening Page To My New Novel On World War 1 7/24/2016
977. Tomorrow, Today 5/5/2016
978. My Soul There To Shine 10/18/2015
979. The Leaves Turn 9/4/2015
980. Be Most Careful 12/15/2015
981. Children 7/23/2016
982. A Voice Deep Inside Me 12/6/2016
983. My Faith Will Move On 4/23/2015
Best Poem of Kurt Philip Behm

My Faith Will Move On

My cupboard’s a mess,
my sink filled with lye

My stables now empty,
my well has gone dry

My pastures are fallow,
my timber all burned

My streams have been fished out,
and what have I learned

The cupboard can be restocked,
the sink can be cleaned

A new well can be dug,
a new colt can be weaned

As the saplings are planted,
new roe will then spawn

All these troubles will pass,
- - and my faith will move on

(Villanova Pennsylvania: March,2015)

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How Much / How Many

How much is freedom

How much will time

How many questions

How many answers,
- - unclaimed?

(Train From Virginia: April,2015)

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