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Rookie (25-10-1988 / deoghar, INDIA)

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If you think its difficult to find someone with sound wit and witty sound, then, dear, may be you haven't met ME...! ! !
...Am not some1 with a colossal intellect or humour or smartness or skill in me. But am smart enough to use them all in style when required 'coz am JACK OF ALL TRADES...
...Some of my friends say am very friendly, sharp, frank, humorous etc etc..i say they are smart enough to know me.Although some also think am unduly extrovert, irksome or surreal..Well I have just 1 thing to say for them: 'NEVER MIND, THEY STILL HAVE CHANCE FOR IMPROVEMENT'...! ! !
...Am always confident enough of what am doing 'coz i always do what am confident of.

That s all about me... Hope by now u would have understand that 'I AM simply AWESOME'...! ! !


Poetry is all about imaginations...The higher your imaginations fly, the better is your poetry goes...
Have u seen a falcon taking off to the midst of the clouds...? ? ? Well...my imaginations are like that...Or i can say they fly even higher...
And making good use of those is what i am good at...


Now something for those who want to take up poetry for the first time...Don't try to be a stand-off-fish...Imaginations will flow into you only if u go out and observe...The mere essence of nature with dream brings out the fascinating feeling in you...So observe and dream and try turning them into poems...

with regards...

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I, Me, Myself

It all started one dark day
The day I was left alone
Solitude was all I was left with
I felt my life going astray.

I needed a mentor or someone close
To ease my pounding heart.
One place to another, I floundered
But I could find none.

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