Kwabena Eddie Mankata

Rookie - 152 Points (Accra, GHANA)

Biography of Kwabena Eddie Mankata

I am author, playwright and speaker who believes we are here to do for God, what the moon does with sun’s light - reflect His glory. I head The Mankata Studios; Christian Company set to influence, challenge and empower its audience by providing pertinent biblical solutions to life issues through theatre, poetry, publications, talks and in the near future film

I believe anyone can aspire unto greater heights and achieve not by outdoing people but setting personal standards deeply rooted in Christ and outdoing self.

With the world on an agenda to make us lose our uniqueness, I am determined to inspire my generation to understand that each individual is specific, created by God for specific assignment and we have to get to our highest levels to touch lives. We like the heavens exist to bring God glory.

My first book IT HAD TO BE GOD (Blueprint for a life of thanksgiving) will bring you to a new place of thanksgiving to acknowledge God for how far you have come, what you have survived and who you are now.

Kwabena Eddie Mankata's Works:



Jesus cried
As pangs of hunger ravaged His tummy
As cold water touched His back
As He awakened alone at night
His raised hand
Wasn't to command angels
But for some other request
Carry me
Calm my fears

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