Kwabena Eddie Mankata

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Kwabena Eddie Mankata Quotes

  • ''No one is perfect but there is an imperfect person perfect for your imperfectness.''
    Kwabena Eddie Mankata
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  • ''God doesn't double cast. Each child has a unique role.''
    Kwabena Eddie Mankata
  • ''The beauty of prayer lies in the easy accessibility, prompt punctuality and rapt attentiveness of God; and when you know this, even a whisper is enough.''
    Kwabena Eddie Mankata
  • ''Isn't it amazing that God who is all powerful and rich beyond measure is accessible irrespective of place and time? Yet when man comes to power or gains riches, he becomes inaccessible. Learning from God, leadership is accessibility.''
    Kwabena Eddie Mankata
  • ''Heaven specializes in hopeless situations. If you have one, call and leave your door opened''
    Kwabena Eddie Mankata
  • ''One cannot ignore much less deny the safety, comfort, quality and simplicity technology brings. The problem is when we make technology replace our dependency on God.''
    Kwabena Eddie Mankata

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Best Poem of Kwabena Eddie Mankata

I Am Amazed By You

I am amazed at the way you seem so far yet so near at the same time
I can’t wrap my head around the hand that chastises and pampers at the same time
How can you be the sun and shield at the same time?
And be the cloud providing light and darkness at the same time?
I am amazed by you

Maybe I was scared because you are too good to be true
I was worried I would wake up one day and all would seem far from true
That the grass would turn brown
And the sky, dark from blue
But the longer I wait
The greener the grass gets
The brighter the sky looks
And all ...

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Jesus cried
As pangs of hunger ravaged His tummy
As cold water touched His back
As He awakened alone at night
His raised hand
Wasn't to command angels
But for some other request
Carry me
Calm my fears

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