Kweku Atta Crayon

Rookie - 50 Points [African] (17th October,1990 / Prestea-Western Region of Ghana)

Biography of Kweku Atta Crayon

A bite of me
Welcome to the life of a man born in the very early hours of 17th October,1990.
My age has never been a barrier against my aspirations to be the change Africa and Africans seek.
My birth in a village called Prestea in the western region of Ghana brought so much joy to a couple called Mr. and Mrs. Oppong. I was born with an attached sister, which by nature automatically became my twin sister. She is doing fine.(if you just asked how she faring) .

I wish I could describe the pains she went through at birth and the struggles of rearing such a stubborn twins, anyway I will do my best to serve you a taste of her pains as narrated by the lips of Mrs. Paulina Oppong:

Tears of her womb

Sweat bathed her
She screamed in pains
In the afternoon, she saw a dark world
We were kicking to see Mrs. world

She sent her left leg far from the right
the only commandment she obeyed was 'Puuushhh'
Her heart seemed to have traveled out of the body
Baaam, there, our big heads see earth

Her pains went into shyness
as joy took the floor
She is a mother, that was a blessing
but come we make it a burden

Her laps;
Our seat and lavatory
dinning table and play ground

Her breast, our meal and teddy bear
Her smile, our mirror
in which we see the better us
Her stomach, our blanket

We grew, we disobeyed and left
She grew too, stay calmed and searched

We sinned, went wayward
She forgave, called us great

She is ill and weak
yet she prays, God save them

This is her, this is my mom
This Mrs. Paulina Oppong aka Yaa Akyaa.
You want to add her, browse

Oh poor me, I forgot about the agenda we have here-I was telling you about my self, but you can't blame me that much because half of my thoughts have been on my mum.
If you have read up to this line then it's really spells your interest to know this boy who had his basic education in three different schools namely
1. Providence International School (Lagos, Nigeria)
2. St. Anglican Primary School (Bogoso, Ghana)
3. Naraguta Grammar School. (Tarkwa, Ghana)
I graduated my basic school in Naraguta in April,2006 where I topped my batch with seven 1's in ten subjects, it was not because I was the school prefect but I guess it was because I just had the zeal to excel.

Another chapter in my life opened in Ghana Secondary technical School, (GSTS) . I personally describe my studentship duration on tescoland (the campus of GSTS) as the period of 'Great metamorphosis'. A lot more than a book took place in my life around the oval shape of GSTS.
I rest my experience in a book underway 'TESCANISM - Life around the Oval' by Oppong Clifford Benjamin.

After three years of the hells and heavens of GSTS, I completed high school a changed person (to know whether a positive or negative change lays in the breast of the book) . A year after school was a boring one at home, the only activities that stole the greater parts of my 24 hours were video games, internet surfing and reading. Out of these three actions only one made me who I am now, I guess it is obvious, you are thinking it's reading, wrong you. You again failed to ask me what I was reading about, anyway you are not too wrong, reading of articles and poems online brought my spirit closer to the literal arts despite my study of science.

However, my concern in poetry, writing and Africanism didn't have any influence in the choice of my tertiary education program. I am now a civil engineering student in the Btech school of Engineering in Kumasi Polytechnic, Ghana.

As it stands, I do more of writing and poetry than any other thing, not even civil engineering swallows my attention more than poetry and Pan- Africanism.

Again welcome to a life of a Builder of the African Dream. Updates

Daughter Of Africa

In the midst of all she lived
Unknown to many where she suffered
Victim of bad governance and corrupt system

Solitary on the streets of struggle
Sees the African women boggle
Hungry stomachs filled with appetites
Appetency for freedom and involution

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