Kyle 'Chewie' Insch

Rookie (7th August 1991 / Southampton)

Biography of Kyle 'Chewie' Insch

I am a 20 year old male, born and bred in Southampton, England. I enjoy extreme sports, partys, and having a good time with my friends. My life is quite hectic, but when I get the chance to relax, I usually jot my feelings/thoughts onto paper, either through poetry, sketches, or if I'm with a friend, we write songs. If I ever decide toput my songs/sketches online, I will put a link here. Please give me feed back. Updates

2nd Place

Once again my friend,
I am put second to everything,
I can't help but feel unwanted,
As if I dont mean a thing,
An unwanted rain cloud,
In a photographers summer scene,
Beans on toast, topped with cheese,
When she wants fine french cuisine,
I am put second, as usual,

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