Kyle Jones

Rookie - 3 Points (July 30th 1990 - / Tegucigalpa: Honduras: Carribean)

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  • shy beauty (10/26/2011 8:14:00 AM)

    your awesome i love your poems

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  • Bugsy Rose (4/23/2010 8:34:00 PM)

    Your poems are amazing!

  • Jane Meyer (8/22/2009 8:09:00 AM)

    I love your poems! And I love how you write. I read them all and I wish that I'd commented on more, but I don't know what to say. I feel that I'd just be repeating how beautiful and powerful and great they are. You are an amazing writer. Please keep it up. I wish that every poem I wrote was as great as any of yours.

  • So Much On Hand (6/30/2008 9:35:00 AM)

    You are an amazing person and I know we've had our arguments and some hurtful things have been said, but I've always cared about you and I always will.. You are one of the people I can tell everything to, I just wish you weren't going to give up like this. YOU were my everything before you and Eva got together and yet I'm still here... I'm not going to give up just because I lost all I had... I built everything back up from the beginning and it wasn't easy. I just wish you could pull through this because I don't want to lose you as my friend. I can't lose someone who I was this close to.
    Please Kyle, don't give up on life no matter how hard it get or how much it hurts.

    Love Always,

  • J Baker (5/7/2008 9:20:00 PM)

    You are a brilliant writer and I believe that you will go a long way. Just keep doing what your doing and never stop believing in yourself. Well done.
    Jem xx

  • Amy Ormonde (10/20/2007 9:38:00 AM)

    I absolutly Love this poem u got into it really well. For some reason i think it has a deeper meaning And possess greater inocence but more pain. Im not really sure if thats wat u ment by it but thats what i got but im still learning. Good luck and please keep om writing i love ur poems.

  • Evaughn Gray Evaughn Gray (5/13/2007 7:39:00 PM)

    umm yea.. lol i think that ur a wonderful poet.. u really get into ur poems when u write them and thar's what make YOU a good poet and to me a good person....~Evaughn (hazel green eyes)

  • So Much On Hand (5/13/2007 6:03:00 PM)

    Hey Kyle! You're the best poet I've ever known and don't even try to argue with me on that! You know it's true! I love you Mi Amor! Can't wait to talk to you again! Byez my sweet love.

  • Gina PrettyBrownEyes (10/3/2006 7:39:00 PM)

    KYLE! ! ! ! ! YOU ARE SWEET AND SMEXY AND AN AMAZING POET! ! ! ! ! YAY! ! ! ! ! YAY! ! ! ! *jumps up and starts dancing and circles* dododododododododo. see now this is all your fault. i just got your email so im all wooooooo and squeeeeee. theyre like antidepressents. just pop a kyle and everything seems brighter! ! lol. um. yeah. im gonna go to sleep now. im tired. good night, kyle. sweet dreams. dont let the bed bugs bite. i was wearing this random kids sweatshirt today. it was warm and fuzzy. right. where was i? GOOD NIGHT KYLE DARLING! ! ! !

Best Poem of Kyle Jones

Death Of A Suicidal Lover

Arm in arm,
Nearly frozen,
Her heart pulses harm,
Like the night his was stolen,
Blood-red, black beneath
Like the starlight, her loveless blood ran cold,
Cutting into the wrists he used to hold

He held the raft
But she grabbed the anchor,
He saw it was his love, the weight that sank her.
The love they'd never show
Look who's still breathing
But you should also know
He's now the one bleeding

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Stolen Ticket

'Please take care of her, sir'
Was the last thing you heard me ask,
Just before the surgeon took you out of my life,

If you could hear me right now,
I'd let you know what you had always meant to me
And recite all the pain you took,
And the pain you left me with.