Kyle Sadler

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Biography of Kyle Sadler

Im the most hate filled, wrong choice making, insane, to depressed to take it person that i know. i try to keep a positive out look on things, but when life sucks. all the time. it just is what it is. i know it sounds pretty typical, but this is who i am. unfortunately i got dealt the hand i did, but it is what it is. anyways, ive just recently started to write. im 21 years of age. out of school for only a couple of years now.and have wrote more in the past few months then i have in my whole life. i know pretty sad, haha. you catching the pattern? Haha. me writing something, i go and put it all out there. which usually works. but i think most of the time alot of what i write only makes sense to me. but thats why im here to see if anyone can make any sense out of my non-sense. I hope i can reach out to someone on here and let them know. im going through it to. and its cool.and you're not alone.

Kyle Sadler's Works:

No books, Im brand new to writing these things. so if you could give me some tips or hints, what ever it would be greatly appreciated!

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