L. Ahlana Wolf

Rookie (Chicago, Ilinois)

Biography of L. Ahlana Wolf

I am a writter. I strongly believe that writting is my one and only passion. I get excited to read other great poems and read about other great poets. My goal is that one day, i will inspire someone with my work.
Though i'm only 13, i hope to get my poems publish or at least read. 'Tis why i joined this site.

L. Ahlana Wolf's Works:

none yet: (but i'm woring on it!) Currently i'm writting a book set in the future it's a drama and i'm only about 50 pages in as school has only geving me so much time to write, but i expect to get it published one day.

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Death Row

Chains swing,
Bells ring
We'll all wake up tomorrow.

Birds sing,
diamond rings,
Our lives are just to borrow

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