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L C Vieira poet

These words are just some of my works of many years and stories. They are not finished. The process continues. It started when a few poems escaped the journals high in the closets where I hid them. I've lassoed some, but others remain online, as wild as when they left.

I started writing poetry and verse as a young teen appreciating the details in nature. Poetry became a necessity as an adult dealing with life's challenges and joys. I see symbolism and stories everywhere, and so poems and art in all forms are waiting to be born.

L C Vieira's Works:

I keep an online studio where I house these, and other works: http: //poetryfx.com

For all poems: they can be shared and copies can be made as long as the original work isn't edited, if it's not-for-profit; and with recognition of author. I am working on a selection of art and poems for print and an installation exhibit.

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Saturday Morning

There is no moment like this one with you,
no bed as welcoming,
no morning to greet me as you do.

You cover me with goose down
and warm legs around me,
cooling my long-night heat
with frozen grapes for my lips.

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