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L C Vieira Poems

81. It's121212 12/12/2012
82. Little Lyla Juniper 12/25/2012
83. Six Centimetres 2/2/2013
84. Morning Gifts 4/1/2013
85. No One Wiser Than A Child? 4/1/2013
86. Akiane's Birds 4/1/2013
87. I Should Offend Today 4/1/2013
88. I Rejoice In Your Snore 4/1/2013
89. A Man And His Squirrel 4/1/2013
90. The Ridiculous (I Don'T Deserve) 4/1/2013
91. My Father's Best 4/28/2013
92. Second Opinion 7/24/2013
93. Black And Bubbles 7/24/2013
94. Life Is Not Random (First Version) 8/28/2013
95. Armpit Mosquito 9/1/2013
96. My Nose Awakes First 9/1/2013
97. Urban Underwear 9/1/2013
98. Great Bald Eagle 9/1/2013
99. Is That A White Hair On Your Head? 4/28/2013
100. Children Walk In The Woods 1/7/2014
101. A Cry In The Wilderness 1/7/2014
102. Fiduciary Responsibilty 1/7/2014
103. More Of You 12/2/2015
104. Dandelion 8/13/2013
105. Sportsmanship Award 8/6/2012
106. For Two Days Of Heat 3/31/2012
107. Seventeen Freckles 3/15/2012
108. Curse Or Gift? 3/15/2012
109. Brown Leather Jacket 3/15/2012
110. One Brief Moment Of Insanity 3/15/2012
111. Saturday Morning 3/15/2012
112. Vapor 3/17/2012
113. Time Passing 3/17/2012
114. The Afikomen: Ask The Question 4/1/2013
115. The Purple Unicorn 4/27/2012
116. Mama Is A Crazy Girl 4/27/2012
117. Walleye Fishing Song 8/24/2012
118. Tom's Place 9/9/2012
119. Great-Horned Owl 3/15/2012
120. Enchantment's Hour 9/22/2012

Comments about L C Vieira

  • Maria Vieira (12/3/2015 3:26:00 PM)

    I truly enjoyed your latest poem More of you. God blessed you not only with talent but with great faith. And you are not afraid to show it to the world.

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  • Maria Vieira (12/3/2015 3:09:00 PM)

    I haven't visited this site for the past few months. Very pleased to read today your brand new poem about Christianity. God has blessed you not only with talent but with a strong faith that shines through your words. May God bless you.

  • Maria Vieira (12/3/2015 3:06:00 PM)

    I haven't visited the PoemHunter site for the past few months. Very happy to read your latest poem related to Christianity. Written from the heart and showing the world your strong faith in God. You are truly blessed!

Best Poem of L C Vieira


What happened to the art of writing
long letters to a friend,
a lover waiting anxiously,
a beginning and an end?

Emails miss the middle bits
and all the extras, too,
but letters can be rich with words
of details through and through.

I know of some whose only kiss,
flowed from heart to pen,
on scented sheets of pale paper,
read again and again.

These letters safely tucked away
in secret backs of drawers,
are memories rich for years to come,
a journal of one’s stories.

So, if I write too much today,
forgive me if you ...

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Brown Leather Jacket

You are the moist tip of my tongue;
the silent pause in the air
I take in - and the one that breaks out.

You are a selfless act in the river of my blood,
taking this tossed-about spirit,
and folding it gently against your breast,

I am warmed, safe and believing

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