La Belle Rouge Biography

Favorite Poets: Shakespeare, Poe, Romance Poets, Neruda

Personal Bio: Published Author Of Poetry, Short Stories And Memoirs. Known As The Poetess Of The Heart.

Additional Information: My most obvious hobby is writing, I also enjoy cooking, gardening, sailing. I love children, the elderly and animals.

Additional Information: I feel that poetry is a gift, it comes from beyond our finite minds, entwines itself with our intelligence and emotions and pours out through our fingers onto the page. No one who is a true poet can take the credit themselves, for it is a gift from the Creator.

Additional Information: I write my heart, I write of life. Sometimes it's humorous, sometimes dark, gentle at times, others raw and fierce. There are many facets of life and the human heart both beautiful and base. I have endeavored to fearlessly and consistently release all those facets to the page.

Personal Quote: 'Pour Your Heart On The Page'

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