La Belle Rouge

Biography of La Belle Rouge

La Belle Rouge poet

Favorite Poets: Shakespeare, Poe, Romance Poets, Neruda

Personal Bio: Published Author Of Poetry, Short Stories And Memoirs. Known As The Poetess Of The Heart.

Additional Information: My most obvious hobby is writing, I also enjoy cooking, gardening, sailing. I love children, the elderly and animals.

Additional Information: I feel that poetry is a gift, it comes from beyond our finite minds, entwines itself with our intelligence and emotions and pours out through our fingers onto the page. No one who is a true poet can take the credit themselves, for it is a gift from the Creator.

Additional Information: I write my heart, I write of life. Sometimes it's humorous, sometimes dark, gentle at times, others raw and fierce. There are many facets of life and the human heart both beautiful and base. I have endeavored to fearlessly and consistently release all those facets to the page.

Personal Quote: 'Pour Your Heart On The Page'

La Belle Rouge's Works:

'Cherished' A Volume Of Romantic Poetry Updates

Every Beat Of His Heart

every beat of his heart belongs to me
every thought, each emotion are mine
he covers it well, with such gentle grace
but all his passion will explode in time
in time when he holds me heart to heart
sees the wild storm break in my eyes
in time when he lies with me skin to skin
and hears the song of my pleasure cries