La Janine Garrett

Rookie (August 16,1987 / new jersey)

Biography of La Janine Garrett

My name is La Janine, the thing is I'm a nobody...
just someone trying to make it to the next day without completely going insane.I love to write, when everything in life gets too chaotic, i just lose my-self in colors(I can't stand color yet the intensity, passion, chaos, thought, and thrill in each brush stroke. In any other thing in life, this is where lies can not be told. It’s to exposed.) and words.Words are another thing. This is when you have to be careful things get twisted, yet it's so open in its self that who can stop the written word. The words that come so easy to mind. so easily intense in there own right. This was to be about my life, but this... is what wakes me. Updates

Dreams Of Another La

the things i have done hunt me still
these dreams are that of another
there nightmares sink throw thick walls
walls that i have shield my very own blood
desires of my very being
things that even the devil himself shade from
these years have been that of an endless trial
a trial that i had once believe my self able to survive
childish thoughts dreams of an anther

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