La Reina Ulloa

Biography of La Reina Ulloa

Hi I'm 11 yrs old and I enjoy making peoms. What inspires to write peoms is my grandma. Everyone might now her. Her name is Ida Werrett. She is a very good poet and she knows it. Her peoms always have details, so detailed it's like you lived it.
Well so far I written 4 peoms and I going to make one more pretty soon, so make sure you read them. Updates


Frigthen they will never come home
Frighten to be stuck in this world all alone
Frighten to she them hurt
Frighten but still need to be alert

I don't seem frighten but it is in me
Sometimes I think of the scariest things can be
Frighten that they will be gone
Frighten of the things that will come along

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