Lacey Pritchett

Rookie (Nov 25,1989 / Shattuck, Oklahoma)

Biography of Lacey Pritchett

I was born in Shattuck, Oklahoma to Lorraine Callas and Brian Lee Pritchett. I lived in Arizona til I was 6, then I moved to Woodward, Oklahoma where I still live to this day. My mom died in 2001 from brain cancer and I was ten when it happened. I have a little sister named Dani Lynn and she was four when my mom died. My sis and I are really close. I moved out of my dad's house and now living with my grandma and I am dating the love of my life Cody Rawr! He is my lover and my best friend and he means the world to me. Updates


love is such a complicated thing
but when i'm with him everything just feels right
he knows me better then any one ever could
and i know him better than any one
he is my everything and i love him
with all of my heart and soul

Dedicated to my one and only

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