Laci Wies

Biography of Laci Wies

Hi. My name is Laci.
I'm a teenager struggling to keep my head out of the fire from dealing with depression. i cry quite often and have a hard time bluntly saying how i feel or trying to describe the feeling of something.
I write poetry to help aliviate my pain and to express my self.
a fair warning. my peoms are not happy ones.
people who are bothered eaisly by depressing works might want to stay away from reading them.
some talk of death while others refer to a bleeding dying soul

anyway. for those who are still reading this and wish to read my poems i say thank you. your votes and comments are greatly appriciated. Updates


Frustration runs through the blood steam
and nothing is as it seems
I rock back and forth as I blot out the stains
that was left on my heart from the burning pain
I don't know what to do besides walk in the rain
the stains on my heart was left by the pain
Life and death
Life and death
Life and death

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