LaCicely Nicole

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Biography of LaCicely Nicole

I am no pro but have been writing poems as a hobby for nearly 18 years. I do this as a hobby but it is good to see my progression over time and share it with others to gain their opinions. Please do.

I talk a lot about the pain I have suffered emotionally, about love, life and death, and missing home. I recently relocated from Michigan to Georgia and some of my poetry surrounds that as well.

I am a single mother of a son and a daughter. I am a Cosmetologist and currently a Design student. I am in many ways wiser beyond my years and sillier than most my age. I like uniqueness and simplicity, if there is such a thing. Updates

Afraid To Love Me

Why are you afraid to love me?
Is it that you have been hurt
Or is it that you cannot break old ties
even though the last woman treated you like dirt
Cause she played games and told lies?

Why are you afraid to love me?

Is it that she played with your heart and mind

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