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All of my 'submitted poems' are written by me. Please feel free to comment.

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First steps without a guide,
First words from deep inside,
First dollar that I've earned,
First day of school where I've learned,

Inanimate Love

His eyes are closed, his breathing slow,
I wrap around him, but he doesn't know,
I'm here to comfort him, chase away his fears,
I'm his 'shoulder' to cry on, I wipe away his tears,

Someone Like You

I once promised that I'd never shed another tear over someone like you.
Here I am, laying as though I were dead or dying -
salt water stinging my eyes once more.

Like Father, Like Daughter

My Heart is filled with anger and hatred,

So pure and liquid like blood,

The Porcelaine Doll

A busy street, framed by a sidewalk and buildings on each side.

One building,
a pawn shop,

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