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Published works: *** 'Doppleganger in a Hightech World Revision***published: 12/2008contact; 2nd book coming soon 'Author House'.

Most influential teachers: Dr. Gary Gildner, Tom Swiss, Dr. James Duncan, Dean Patrick (Drake School of Journalism,) and Mr. Phil Wiggins.

Daughter of William Monroe Mitchell Sr. Torrance, California and Dr. Zenobia White. Wife of Dr. Ambrose C. Nzerem of Collegeville, PA.
Two children Dr. C.S. Nzerem and Mr. Pierre Nzerem both of Collegeville, PA. Hobbies are creative writing, poetry, art.
Graduate Drake University Des Moines, Iowa 1980.
Mentors: my mother a special education teacher then who taughte me to draw and encouraged my earliest creativity. A pointed marker was my troubled growing period in the late '70's. I was in going through a transitional period which quite a few of us endured in high school. SI remember these remarkable words she told me 9th grader when the whole 'My parents don't understand-there is a generation gap problem-situation thing was going on: 'We won't have a generation gap problem, because I will take time to understand-whenever you have a problem, come talk to me, we can have our own one-one-one, other wise, what you can't talk out, here's a journal, be creative.' gave me a notebook and my first real motivation. She was always reading our poetry, taking us to the art museum, quoting long missives from other artists, for example the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner she would quote in its entirity through the house while we were doing house work and several other major artists....I knew Robert Frost 'Stopping By Woods' before I read the poem in college because she would quote the poem sporadically. She was, and still is a beautiful woman who gave us an overall quality exposure to the arts, reading, and classical music. It would be nothing after church on a Sunday evening for us to hear anything from Beethoven, Mozart to her beautiful melodious voice break out in a 40's Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett tune. And since we were born in California and later moved to Iowa, when she used to sing, 'I Left my Heart in San Francisco' It used to move me to a certain sadness because its as if we had left our hearts there too.
Finally my last thoughts are about the teachers who impact our lives.
Of course Dean Patrick of the School of Journalism and Professor Duncan, my two most creative teachers and masters in the poetic
craft Dr.s Tom Swiss and Gary Gildner who lit the path furthering my desire to create and gave me extra tools for the journey-to be in the classroom of either was a gift, and I will forever remain thankful and privileged concerning the journey and the opportunity.
I also will never forget Mrs. Johnnie Jones Reid my grandmother a elementary school teacher who died recently at the age of 104. I had visited her school during the summer. She and our grandfather Mr. Willie Joe Reid had a farm in Arkansas where they both sharecropped.
She put me in a class where one of her friends was a teacher and by the time summer was over, I knew that Spot could run and could see that Dot and Jim could play, I could read. I was 4 1/2 years old! ! !
Hobbies: Art, Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do) , Poetry, Literature..esp. the Classics, (Being Happy) and creative.
My Personal Motto: Opportunity is Always: Believe it, Achieve It! ! !

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On ***New Book out by LaClaire Zenobia Mitchell Nzerem***
Doppleganger in a Hightech World Revision-contact publisher for cost***

Also coming soon book ' new book 160 gets you the exposure you need! ! ! Updates

Song Of The Night Woman

Empty footsteps click across
the wet sidewalk, faceless people pass.
Cabs honk by and splash the feet
where hookers cuss at the curbs of streets.

Empty footsteps come to call
at the creaking doorway down the hall.
In a room that hisses of pungent mold,
the plaster crumbles from mildewed walls.

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