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Rookie (10/30-still living(nd luvin it) / Brooklyn, New York)

Biography of lady luv

hey waz up. dihsz b ya grl imani b.k.a LADY LUV. i am a 12 year old beauty. luvin and livin life. i have a older brother named mike a older sista named burnie(jusz a nick name) . a mama and a daddy(of course) . a lil brotha name shamontez. lil sista named sh'miah and one on dah way(ty'naijia) . i also have a niece named ahmaeliah.(3 months) and a nephew named Anthony a.k.a ANP(9 years old) . and i have a lil cuzzo named samaiya whoim i treat as my very own. i ♥ daht lil grl as well as meii daughter Heaven(cupcake,8 months) .i dnt think much of wat othasz think of me...hate me or luv me. if yu luv me chancesz are i luv yu too..maybe. i dnt think i need friendsz exspecially female friendsz...dey got TOOOO much mouth. i have a LIL bit of fransz....Tahti(hneycakesz) , BJ(hney bee) , LT(thugga-boo) , Qutisha(lady purple) . i am in love wit a chick named Tahtiaka b.k.a Tahti. i luv ha. daHtsz da one chick daHt will hav meii goin krazyii...i ♥ yu mama. i have a cuHszin named Qutisha..daHtsz daH bestie rite dere. We gone b ace boon cones till the day we die! ! ...WAIT WAIT WAIT, the way i HATE people who lie, cheat, steal, and are fake. i also hate people who judge other. you arn't me, have not lived meii life so therefore you will never know every little detail about me so yeah.->IM GOHST! ! ...LATAH! !

lady luv's Works:

my poemsz reflect who I am...frm past exsperiences. Updates

Fear And Pain

suprised at my true pain
which has been hinding,
you touch my hand and place it gently against your lips
and whisper in my ear
you make me feel warm inside,
here comes my ememy,
you take your hand and wipe away my tears

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