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hey waz up. dihsz b ya grl imani b.k.a LADY LUV. i am a 12 year old beauty. luvin and livin life. i have a older brother named mike a older sista named burnie(jusz a nick name) . a mama and a daddy(of course) . a lil brotha name shamontez. lil sista named sh'miah and one on dah way(ty'naijia) . i also have a niece named ahmaeliah.(3 months) and a nephew named Anthony a.k.a ANP(9 years old) . and i have a lil cuzzo named samaiya whoim i treat as my very own. i ♥ daht lil grl as well as meii daughter Heaven(cupcake,8 months) .i dnt think much of wat othasz think of me...hate me or luv me. if yu luv me chancesz are i luv yu too..maybe. i dnt think i need friendsz exspecially female friendsz...dey got TOOOO much mouth. i have a LIL bit of fransz....Tahti(hneycakesz) , BJ(hney bee) , LT(thugga-boo) , Qutisha(lady purple) . i am in love wit a chick named Tahtiaka b.k.a Tahti. i luv ha. daHtsz da one chick daHt will hav meii goin krazyii...i ♥ yu mama. i have a cuHszin named Qutisha..daHtsz daH bestie rite dere. We gone b ace boon cones till the day we die! ! ...WAIT WAIT WAIT, the way i HATE people who lie, cheat, steal, and are fake. i also hate people who judge other. you arn't me, have not lived meii life so therefore you will never know every little detail about me so yeah.->IM GOHST! ! ...LATAH! !

lady luv's Works:

my poemsz reflect who I am...frm past exsperiences. Updates

Never Love Another

what the world is he doing to me?
this boy got me feenin'
he makes me feel good
maybe thats a bad thing
everyone has always hurt me and now that he dont,
i dont know what to do
he makes me feel like im the only person that matters
dang, and the way he laughs...
i love this boy

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